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Rain Bear




The Seventh Sacred Direction

My People, from the Center to all four directions,
hear my words.
Many times we have spoken these same words,
and just as many times you have chosen
to turn the other way.

The Time is now, you must understand
the Power is within you.

Love this Earth Mother who has given so much
and asked so little in return.
Heal Her. Show her the kindness she has
given to all so freely.

Remember your prayers to the Creator.
He has only given unconditional love even when we have
denied him.

In the beginning all People knew and honored these things.
But as time has gone on, most of you have forgotten.

Look within yourself.
Look to the Seventh Sacred Direction
that has been fading from the hearts of most.

Reach for the light that dwells
in the souls of all People.

Copyright 1995 by Annette Harris-Rain Bear.


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