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Rain Bear

Rain Bear in Alaska
Rain Bear


I have had the pleasure of living in the deserts of Southwest Utah for the last twenty-one years.

I have Mohawk and Mohegan blood in my veins and have gotten very close to some of the Hopi, Cumash, Navajo, Paiute and other tribes. The most important thing I learned is that it is not the blood that you carry or the color of your skin that matters, it is what is held inside that really counts.

Every day in my prayers, I pray that the children of this kind Earth Mother will wake up and realize that we are one race-the human race.

I think that there is a reason that so many of the Ancient Elders are coming through to a lot of people at this time. That reason is to relearn the care of our Earth Mother and, hopefully, to learn that we are all of one Creator.

I was asked why I did this book and the only answer I have is that Spirit told me to. I was asked what would this book would do for people, and again, I must say what Spirit told me. That was, it will do many things for many different people. It will open doors and teach people to look to the direction from within the place in most people that has been forgotten-our Spirit.

I Am

Rain Bear

Copyright 1995 by Annette Harris-Rain Bear.


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